Friday 31 August 2012


This started out as a label design for girlfriend's knitting projects because they usually have special instructions for how to take care of the products. She wanted caricature of her knitting and me doing something ( which is actually a pretty accurate visual of how most of our nights are like ). So of course it turned into a slightly bigger project than I thought........ I'm quite proud of myself for capturing my features like my few chin hair and belly !


  1. Bouncing over from Ravelry to heap praise upon your creative juices - this is just fantastic! If you ever decide to offer your services to anyone who can offer a photo, a couple of keywords and a cheque, be sure to let the Fibre World know: I'm sure you'd have many takers!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes I do caricatures, I have a deviant art account which has my older caricatures i've done for people. If you are actually considering my service, feel free to shoot me an email at