Sunday, 28 February 2016

Who let the beast out?

Last week's episode of Arrow introduced a new but not new character, she is fast, she is strong and she got attitude, she is Vixen. She was first introduced to the Arrowverse in a 6 episodes animated series on the CW Seed. The character designs were done by one of my favorite artist Phil Bourassa of WB animation. I was again honored to team up with (superhero) costume designer Maya Mani for Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to do the concept illustration for the live action debut of Vixen who is played by actress Megan Echikunwoke. Now CW President Mark Pedowit says Vixen could get her own live-action spinoff or join Legends of Tomorrow. Below is the concept illustration I did of Vixen. Enjoy!

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Escape from Earth 2

This week's episode of Flash, the Flash, Harrison 2 and Cisco took a trip to Earth 2 Central City. It was an awesome action packed and fun episode. A TON of easter eggs especially while the team is in the speed canon tunnel we got a glimpse of John Wesley Shipp's Flash from the 1990 series, Supergirl and Jonah Hex. They also encounter Killer Frost, Deathstorm and other dobblegangers. Jay Garrick also put back on his Flash suit for awhile. So here are 2 concepts of characters from Earth 2 I got to work on with costume designer Maya Mani, Jay Garrick Flash and Dr Light. Both of these were tricky in the sense that they were simple costumes in the comics, and Earth 2 characters seem to embrace the source abit closer. So to just have the right amount of details while not over complicating the design and ruining the nice iconic images of the comic characters were a delicate balance.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

In the future, you are all - LEGENDS.

The 3rd episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow will air tonight. Here are some of the concept of the  'Legends' we have seen on the show that I haven't posted before - White Canary and Firestorm.

The 2 parts pilot were off to a strong start and it looks like they are only going to be more epic as the show goes on. Just a week ago, Stephen Amell - Arrow himself have told the world that he will be on Legends of Tomorrow as future Green Arrow with the iconic goatee and an missing arm. I had the chance to conceptualize that version of Arrow a while back. Also Jonah Hex and other characters to come!

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