Saturday, 28 February 2015

Carrying the torch - Black Canary

Work has been super busy so I'm slacking on posts. Here is the concept of Laurel Lance Black Canary for season 3 of Arrow. After the dramatic cliff hanger mid season finale of Arrow, Starling city was left unprotected in the absence of Arrow. Arsenal and Diggle helped to pick up the slack and so did Laurel. Laurel decided to follow her sister Sara's footstep and become the Canary. I thought she would put on Sara's jacket and adapt to that but turned out she has her very own suit. She still has a long way to go to truly become the ass kicking Black Canary.
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  1. Love it Love it Love t!!!! I was wondering if we might be seeing any new concepts for some villains?

  2. Apologies if this posts twice-Firefox just acted strangely and ditched my post.

    I'll miss the jacket. It was not only iconic to the character but practical as well. Maybe she'll come back to it.

    I've been looking around your blog (and the web) for awhile now and I have to ask about my single favorite costume/wardrobe piece from Arrow, because it's getting no coverage whatsoever...the Cyrus Gold/Acolyte/Solomon Grundy mask in Season Two. I'm really curious about it and after a lot of looking there's just no information out there anywhere. I'm working on my own projects and it would compliment one of them perfectly, but it's a practical suit for cons and (hopefully) a short film and the wearer needs to be able to see. If the performer in that blank black face mask was blind in the truck scene and all the other fights as well then my respect for the stunt team just quadrupled. But I'd really love to learn that he could see and where they bought or how they made that thing. What was it?

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