Wednesday 23 September 2015

Arrow season 3 and The Flash season 1 on Bluray Legends and concepts.

Arrow season 3 and The Flash season 1 were finally released on Bluray yesterday! Some fans did not find the 3rd season of Arrow as good as the previous but for me it was an action pack season to design on. There is a costume design section in the special features of Arrow talking with the Costume Designer of they show #MayaMani about the process of conceiving the outfits of Arrow universe. It also features some of the illustrations I did for this seasons including #Speedy and #Katanna which I haven't shown yet but here they are since they are now on Bluray.
It has been abit slow on the design posts lately especially on the DC front because I've been working on the new seasons of Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow which I can't talk about yet. Though they have just shown the very first image of Hawkman and Hawkgirl in their costumes, don't worry the wings will be CG. Jay Garrick has also been featured quite heavily in the latest trailer for Flash season 2.

The Flash season 2 trailer

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