Thursday, 11 February 2016

In the future, you are all - LEGENDS.

The 3rd episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow will air tonight. Here are some of the concept of the  'Legends' we have seen on the show that I haven't posted before - White Canary and Firestorm.

The 2 parts pilot were off to a strong start and it looks like they are only going to be more epic as the show goes on. Just a week ago, Stephen Amell - Arrow himself have told the world that he will be on Legends of Tomorrow as future Green Arrow with the iconic goatee and an missing arm. I had the chance to conceptualize that version of Arrow a while back. Also Jonah Hex and other characters to come!

#DC #LegendsOfTomorrow #WhiteCanary #SaraLance #CaityLotz #assasin #LazarusPit #Firestorm #JaxJackson #MartinStein #FranzDrameh #VictorGarber #Flash #concept #design #costume


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