Monday 16 December 2013

Arrow gets a Mask!

Well the mid season finale episode of Arrow aired last week, and man what a great episode! They manage to twist it abit into a Xmas episode by using the idea of the 3 ghosts idea from Christmas Carol and remain being an action packed well written grounder superhero episode. There are tons of cool stuff for everyone from superhero fans to people who just love good action, or people who love a well written show. The coolest part for me, was I get to conceptualize the Arrow Mask in this episode. How he gets it I'll let you guys find out. Its feeling like things are escalating !!!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARDCORE COMIC FANS WILL SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was also the origin episode for Barry Allen being in the accident that turns him into The Flash, which will be a new DC series on CW. They also introduced Solomon Grundy, in the Arrow universe way.


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