Saturday, 25 January 2014

Deathstroke is back!

I've been waiting very impatiently for this one, cause its a pretty important one for me. The new badder and improve Deathstroke returns in the latest episode of Arrow "Blindspot". I was very excited when i find out that I get to do a new version of him, but also comes the burden that Arkham Origin just came out and their Deathstroke is BAD-ASS!!! What to do?? I looked up every single version of him that has been done before to find the core design language of what makes him Deathstroke. Also I want to make sure i'm doing something that is different even if it is in small subtle details. Almost everything has been done........ so the only strong direction is to stick to the style of the show and ground him. The Arkham version is super cool but has a lot of more fantastic elements that I can stay away from, his armors are almost abit medieval inspired. I was also excited when Costume Designer Maya Mani told me that they are finally open to more hard body armor and even some colors other than the black and greys! We've talked about that it should not be a completely new suit the he built, but more like an upgraded version of Slade, so I took alot of the Island Slade elements and incorporated into the new Deathstroke. I know it will be compare to the Arkham one, but I think we found a good balance that it is cool enough but realistic enough so I'm not so worried by the end of it. Enjoy!


  1. Love the concept and final result. The only thing I'm not completely in love with is the mask. As least not with the end result of it.

    I really like the v2a design of the mask, the one that is completely smooth in front. Were there fitting problems with that mask, and did you have to widen it to fit the actor's nose into it?

    1. Yes that was the initial design that i did. After consulting with the make of the mask and some fitting, we've decided that its needs abit more space to fit the nose. That distance will just be too wide if we still stick with the flat look and move the whole front part forward to accommodate the nose and he won't be able to see much.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to say I love what you have done with Deathstroke! I'm a huge fan of the comic character Deathstroke and enjoy your live-action version of his costumes! I can't wait to make a costume of the new Deathstroke suit for cosplay, as I have done so with the Slade island suit. Would you have any advice to what school a person could attend to learn costume and mask creation? Anyway thank you for all your work on Arrows characters, especially Deathstroke!

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