Thursday 17 October 2013

'Come with me if you want to live! '- T800

Awhile ago my friend Nate over at Squid Kids Ink asked me to participate in his Mini 10-doh series 2. Mini 10-doh is a collectable designer toy inspired by the shape and Nintendo Cartridge hence the name 10-DOH. Each series there are different artists who design the labels for these blind box figures. I don't even remember why I wanted to turn my 10-doh into a T-800 endoskeleton from Terminator but I did the label design and showed it to the boss. Nate was kind enough to complete my 10-doh design with a chrome finish figure and made it one of the 1/80 ultra rare blind box figure. To make my long explanation that you just read short, he shipped my 2 whole case of them along with some postcard size print of the label. Thanks alot Nate!  

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