Thursday 17 October 2013

Hey Kitty Kitty!

Another DC character has landed in this new city of heroes on ARROW - BRONZE TIGER. I did not know a whole lot about him aside from that he is part of the Suicide_Squad in the comic books. I did some research, and he wears a Tiger suit. At the end we followed the ARROW tradition to make it more grounded and possible to the real world. It was pretty excited to know that Michael Jai White is playing him, who was Al in the live action SPAWN movie and also BLACK DYNAMITE. The show is getting more and more action pack and with more familiar characters. The latest promo i saw for the new episode looks awesome, it looks like you are playing the Arkham game !!!! Anyways enjoy and more to come very soon! Working on some pretty nerdy exciting stuff that I can't talk about it yet.

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