Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ginger Beard Men

 So one day I saw a photo of my friend Nate with only one side of his hair and facial hair trimmed and the other side way over grown. I thought it was a very interesting imagery and I was in the mood to paint something fun but not too intense so I did this caricature of him and he became my first Ginger Beard victim. After that I was getting alot of good responses and instantly another good friend of mine's name popped into my head and he also have red facial hair. Now I have 2 caricatures of 2 red head men and figured I may as well call them my Ginger Beard Men. I'm still hoping to continue to do at least a few more and have a little series going on, so if anyone knows anyone who has interesting ,wild,  red hair, please let me know!

My friend Nate Mitchell aka victim 1 is also an awesome artist, sculptor, toy maker, go check out his toys @

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